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  • Masterflex Hose(Kunshan)Co.,Ltd.

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    Welcome to Masterflex

    As a Subsidiary of a globally operating corporate group, Masterflex Hoses(Kunshan)Co.Ltd is a leading supplier of industrial hoses in the world,Masterflex specialises in solving complex connection challenges. We can now boast nearly 30 years’ worth of experience in the development, manufacturing and processing of high-tech spiral hoses. Masterflex’s headquarters is located in Gelsenkirchen Ruhr Germany, have branches in France, Britain, the Czech republic, the United States, Brazil, Russia, Singapore and China. Masterflex group listed on the Frankfurt stock exchange.
    Masterflex group includes Masterflex,Novoplast,Schlauchtechnik, Matzen&Timm, Masterduct and Fleima-Plastic brands, main products are PU suction/transport hoses, hardly inflammable hoses, microbe&hydrolysis-resistant hoses, food grade hoses, antistatic&electroconductive hoses, exhaust gas hoses,temperature-resistanct hoses, chemical-resistant hoses, Pneumatic tubing, nylon tubing, spiral hoses, insulating tubing and all kinds of fittings.
    Masterflex group can offer one-stop service from material development, design selection, application guidance and after-sales. Products are widely used in machinery manufacturing, engineering machinery, wood processing, glass, ceramics .,etc general industrial, also used in automotive industry, medical, aerospace, national defense, ventilation, heating and other industries.
    As a wholly owned subsidiary of Masterflex group in China, Masterflex hoses (kunshan) co., Ltd is responsible for the business in Japan, Korea and China.
    Masterflex – Connecting Values 
    Office Tel:0512-57952886   Sales Hotline:0512-57888919    E-mail:sales@masterflex.asia
    Copyright ? 2014-2017 Masterflex Hose(Kunshan)Co.,Ltd.
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